Straw "Health".

· Composition of product: wheat flour, drinking water, sunflower oil, sweetener (artificial sorbitol E420), salt, yeast baking pressed, flavor identical to natural vanillin.
· Recommendations for use: patients with diabetes in accordance with the diet, designated by the doctor, 100-250 g per day, and all age groups for the correction of the diet, increasing the resistance of the human body to unfavorable environmental conditions.
· Date of manufacture: see brazed seam.
· Energy value per 100 g: 420.4 k / Cal /1783, 5 kJ.
· Consumer value: protein 11.9 g, fat 5.1, carbohydrates 80.4 g digestible, sorbitol 1.5 g (daily consumption of sorbitol must not exceed 30 g).
· Shelf-life for consumption - 90 days from date of manufacture.
· Storage: in a clean, dry, well ventilated area at temperatures not lower than 4o and relative humidity not exceeding 75%.
· Batch number corresponds to the date of manufacture.