Uncoated sweet corn sticks.

· This product has no analogues at the Ukrainian market;
· Intended for people with diabetes, and similarly has a preventive health-improvement prophylactic character at treatment of intestinal and central nervous system, metabolic and cholesterol disturbances;
· Promotes removal of toxins and radionuclides;
· Contains: Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, vitamins B2, PP, as well as silicon and iron;
· Customer value in 100g. product: energy value - 252 k/Cal, Protein - 8g., carbohydrate - 55g., sorbitol - 0.1 g;
· Corn products are ready for use (with tea, coffee, milk);
· Ingredients: corn grits, salt, sorbitol;
· Shelf-life for consumption - 6 months from the date of manufacture;
· Date of manufacture (see brazed seam);
· Store in a dry place! At a temperature not higher than 25o and a relative humidity above 75%.
· reducing crisp properties of sticks it is recommended to dry them up.